Calazio is a top modern sport horse with an enormous jumping capacity, an expressive canter and fantastic to ride. His pedigree combines the prominent lines of the Holstein breeding and with his big amount of thoroughbred through Maestose xx and Felipe xx, Calazio is meeting all the standards of a modern, efficiency-oriented breeder. In 2010, he was successful in jumping tournaments of class M** and he started the season 2011 with his first 2 participations in class S, where he achieved great 2nd and 5th place. Famous jumping horses like Cöster/Christian Ahlmann (Olympic and World Cup bronze 2004/06), Clausen/Holger Wulschner and Callistro/Janne-Friederike Meyer are, like Calazio, offspring of Calato, whose children have altogether won more than 2,6 million until now.

Calazio’s mother Zivia is very important for the Holstein breeding because of first-class offspring like Candyman/Toni Hassmann (winner of the World Cup jumping tournament) and Cim Christo (Olympia 2004). Apart from Calazio, she had the 2 approved sons Carambo of Carthago and Cassiano of Cassini I, who was 3rd in the Bundeschampionat 2007. Zivia is on the top of the breeding index for breeding mares of the Holsteiner Verband.

Authorized for: Holstein, more on demand



13. Saisonsieg für Lucy!

Die 7-jährige Stute Lucy setzt ihre Siegesserie fort.


Quiwi Dream gewinnt BC-Qualifikation

Der Ellerhooper Hengst gewinnt in Norderstedt die Qualifikation zum Bundeschampionat 2011.